Afterschool Evolves in April

ENROLLMENT REMINDER for AFTERSCHOOL 2020-2021  Please read the linked enrollment letter and complete the registration form or simply send us an email requesting the days you wan.  CLICK HERE



We are hoping that everyone is staying healthy and keeping safe.  Let us know how you are doing.

Kendra is working onsite at Apple Tree Learning Centers providing care for our families of Essential Personnel.  I am staying at home to serve my quarantine after returning from Vail.

Today After School Programs are presented with a new opportunity to help schools and families define our third space. 

I participated in a Zoom meeting of Vermont Afterschool Inc. and discussed the trials and tribulations of supporting schools and families that are busy with the task of providing online learning.  There are many exciting opportunities being pursued around the state. Some After School folks have been able to assist in the efforts to provide school meals to families in need. With these meals, folks are sending and receiving learning packets and a variety of useful and fun items.  I have personally been in touch with someone who is refurbishing laptops for possible disbursement to families who might need one. Please contact me directly if you need one or know someone else who does. Some programs are stepping up to set up online sites to support schools with online learning, others are setting up video sharing for work and play.Afterschool is also charged with supporting the social and emotional growth of our children. We want to provide opportunities for safe supervised online socializing. We can also be supportive listeners for children who need to express emotion.

It is important to emphasize the “AND PLAY” component of your home schooling for elementary aged kids.  While our academic curriculums transition from 100% learning through play during pre-school toward a separation of "work" and "play" in elementary and middle, it is important to remember to provide time for both.  More importantly, parents and teachers need to be reminded that learning through play remains the superior form of learning.  Schooling begins to focus on what is practical in the institutional setting. But research continues to clearly confirm that learning through play, learning through what the teachers and researchers like to call "authentic experience"  is far superior in the depth of comprehension, the length of retention and the availability for synthesis and scaffolding for future learning. 

This crisis presents you, the parent, with a wonderful opportunity to provide authentic learning opportunities that are specifically designed for and around your own individual child’s real interests..  We want to help you PLAY with this most powerful form of learning. Please consider this important perspective from Psychology Today.

As you find the balance at home for your work and their work and everyone's need for play we want to learn how to help.  In the coming days please try our survey and consider joining a Zoom Meeting with other Afterschool friends. ( Perhaps we can share a snack at 3:00pm on Thursday.  Stay tuned.) (CANCELLED)  We can keep those extended friendships alive and supportive. We can help get children out to play - maybe even provide time and space for parents to work from home.   I am a bit of a technology dinosaure (my kids call me the technowizard in biting sarcasm) so I bet there is someone who could have fun helping me do the technical side better.

Let's find a safe way to get outside and play.

Sincerely yours from 6 feet away,

Bill & Kendra