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Bridge Program

The bridge program is designed for older two and younger three-year-olds. This program focuses on the toddler curriculum the first half of the year and switches to the preschool curriculum for the last half of the year.

The toddlers are exposed to colors, shapes, numbers, letters, art, sensory activities, song & dance, books, puzzles and many other learning possibilities. The development of language and self-help skills are encouraged and promoted through creative and complementary opportunities.

Toilet learning is a significant step for our older toddlers toward self-awareness, self- identity and self-esteem. Therefore, we work with both child and parent(s) to create a consistent and positive experience for the child during this important process.

The bridge room is a safe and inviting place that offers a diversity of age specific learning tools and social opportunities for children. As the curriculum progresses to the preschool schedule they will begin to focus on emerging skills such as: number, name and letter recognition, learning shapes and colors, and specific fine motor development.

This is also an important developmental social emotional period, where parallel play turns to social play and interactions. Children of this age are beginning to understand their own feelings as well as the feelings and emotions of others. The teacher's use games and activities to help the children put a name to how they are feeling, providing children with the opportunity to express themselves emotionally.

"Both of our children were in the Bridge room and we felt fortunate as it truly served as a kickstart to Preschool. While the same play-based philosophy exists, the program has a great age appropriate curriculum to help guide children along in both social and independent learning. We saw both our children thrive and grow so much in the Bridge room."
- Bridge parent

"The Bridge teachers have created an atmosphere where students feel loved, cared for and respected. They really get to know each child and consider the whole child with their approach. The Bridge room always felt like a family to us. The warm, welcoming atmosphere was evident the second you walked through the doors. They really created a bridge between the school and families making that connection really strong to help each child grow!"
-Bridge parent

"When it came time for the transition and my daughter was moved to the Bridge room I was a little nervous as it felt like we were "skipping" a room. I also was a little concerned that she would no longer be with some of the kids that she had been with since she started at ATLC. My nervousness proved to be for nothing. From the first day, my girl just loved the new room, routine and especially the teachers. The teachers were just great and I could tell that she was learning new things right from the first day. I can't say enough about what a great job the teachers did during these wild times. From the time that ATLC closed to when it reopened, we still felt very connected to the teachers and classmates. There were zoom sessions, individual zoom sessions (as needed/wanted) and several projects for the kids to do. We have already been very happy with ATLC and the Bridge room is just an extension of this."
-Bridge parent