January 1, 2021

Director: Bill Minter (802) 345-5728 Asst. Director: Kendra McGuire (802) 730-7497  Teachers: Jamie Cousineau (802) 458-2275 Molly Cross (518) 944-4567   Kristin Moody (802) 279-2598

Welcome Back! We hope you all got to enjoy time with your family and celebrate the holidays. We have so much fun playing outside with students and look forward to continued outdoor activities.

We will continue to try to spend as much time as possible outside and try to avoid close contact in indoor space.  However it is also true that we CAN and DO spend time indoors too. We try to avoid having all the children inside at the same time as much as we possibly can, but it is not a big problem to have children inside in smaller groups.  And children should always have the option to take short breaks inside to get warm.   We will continue to teach children how to dress for the weather.  They will learn to wear layers, especially the mid layer (fleece or sweater between inside clothes and outside coat) and take better care of hat and mittens.  And they will learn how movement and exercise generate heat and warmth.  (Movement is something they are already pretty good at!) :)

Full Day School Age Care Continues.  In addition to our full day programs on Wednesdays, we continue to provide full day care and virtual learning support on other days when families need it. In the event that other changes are made at school, we are fully committed to families transitioning back to their previous full days here. Adding new days beyond those will probably work well also, but we may be full on Wednesdays.

For best virtual learning please provide a daily assignment list, necessary device with headphones and charger.  For safest Covid practice children should bring extra facial coverings. Children will need warm outdoor gear including  snow boots, snow pants, warm hat, mittens, extra layers, dry socks & extra clothes, water in a water bottle, lunch and two snacks.

Snow Days.  Please keep in mind that we are closed if Lamoille South closes for a snow day. We will notify parents in an email, it will be on the radio, on our Facebook page, and it will be on the news. We will do our best to notify you prior to 6:30 am. Tuition is due for snow days if they fall on your regularly scheduled days.

Don’t miss our Full Day Discoveries! 

SES will be closed on Monday January 18th, we plan to visit the ECHO center in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day when SES is closed. Students should still be prepared with all necessary outdoor gear if we need to instead spend the day outdoors. 
Register for 1/18/21 Here

SES will be closed on Friday February 5th, when we will enjoy a day full of outdoor ice skating! Students will need all necessary outdoor gear and plenty of extra layers to stay warm on the ice. 
Register for 2/5/21 Here


Gymnastics continues but we still need more gymnasts to fill the 2nd bus.  Please join the waitlist and help fill the 2nd bus!
Register HERE

After school at Apple Tree & SES is offering offsite gymnastics on Tuesdays, and we hope to begin offsite XC skiing at Traps in January.  At Apple Tree we will continue exploring the rec path on foot or sleds, do outdoor cooking and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities, and visit Teepee Powow.  At SES we will continue to develop our box art creations, and alternate between visiting Sunset Rock, playing pavement games like street hockey, and climbing the hill to the big chair for fort building, bushwhacking, and fire-side powow.

Cross Country Skiing is still in the planning stages, but will likely be offered on Wednesdays starting in January.  Stay tuned for registration details coming soon.

 Outdoor Ice Skating is also in the planning stages for Afterschool, but don’t miss the Full Day of outdoor skating that is already scheduled for February 5th (see above).

Free Ice Skates Available.  I have an impressive collection of used hockey skates that have been retired from the Waterbury Ice Center’s rental fleet.  I strongly recommend these skates over new skates, because these have already been broken in.  My only request is that parents use a pair of skate guards and get their skates sharpened, and when your child outgrows these skates you can cycle them back to me. 

Plants Wanted.  It is a shame that parents can not come in and visit the classroom to appreciate all the new plants we are growing, but many of them can be seen through the window.  Molly Cross has a green thumb and she already has 23 healthy plants growing in our classroom!  She has installed a grow lamp and a shelf and she wants to double that total and grow even more.  If you would like to donate a struggling plant, Molly will rehabilitate it here.

Check out our Website for:  Monthly Photo series, link to this newsletter, inks to online registration and more information on Afterschool, link to our Parent Handbook, and links to pay online.

We continue to maintain our vigilance against spreading COVID-19 by spending as much time outside as possible. The essential support for staying outside is bringing sturdy outdoor gear. In addition we will continue to maintain and upgrade our Covid protocols in all of our indoor spaces where we are currently montoring our CO2 levels.   

We welcome and value your feedback.  Contact us any time.



Bill and Kendra