October is WAS Awesome


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After School Bulletin – 10/24/19

October is WAS Awesome

The weather seems to be turning. We may not be ready for snow pants yet, but hats and mittens are already a good idea. Backpacks should be filled with extras of warm, long layers and rain gear to keep children comfortable outdoors. Please also check to ensure your child has a water bottle and plenty of snacks for the afternoon.


  • Harvest (Apple) Social Was Wonderful. We had a great turnout - more than any other program! But your greatness wasn’t just in numbers. Can’t thank you enough for the way parents pitched in and helped out to make it more fun. Bill owes Bob Liljedahl big time for stepping up to run Bob’s Bobbing for apples. THANK YOU Bob! Likewise many other parents were on hand to socialize and support children roasting apples over the open fire, eating apples off the string, apple printing, decorating the tree and enjoying tasty treats! THANKS ALL


  • Although we will be attending our After School Professional Development Conference on November 1st when SES has a half day, we will be staffing a Half Day bowling trip to Stowe Bowl. Limited enrollment register online now -CLICK HERE


  • November Activities: Current Activities Session ends October 25. New Activities Session begins November 4 – December 20


At Apple Tree

Mondays: Homework Club and Preschool Pals Tuesdays: Clay Art classes (offsite) Wednesdays: Topnotch Tennis (offsite) Thursdays: STEM Exploration

Fridays:    Tee Pee Pow Wow

Online Registration is now open –CLICK HERE



Mondays: Sunset Rock Tuesdays: Street Hockey

Wednesdays: Topnotch Tennis (Offsite) Thursdays: Helen Day Art Class (Offsite) Fridays:         Camp Out



  • SES Pick Up and Access to the school building: Pick up from Afterschool is from 5:00- 5:30. If you need to pick up your child before 5:00, please contact us to determine when and where to do so. (If you need your child at 5:00 sharp, you might want to let Bill know that as well.) The SES front doors are currently being locked at 4:00pm. This means parents will need to come around to the back doors of the cafeteria where we can let them in. We will try to put signs on doors to inform parents of our whereabouts. As inclement weather increases we will review front door access policies with the school. If current procedure does not change, parents may want to take refuge in their cars and contact us via cell phone.


Thanks for your efforts to keep up with forms and information. If your child’s file is now complete, please request a copy of your contract for your records. Please stock those backpacks with snack, water bottle, warm hat, mittens extra layers, etc.

We will be heading outside every day after school.   If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me by email: bill@appletreelc.com or by phone: 802-345-5728.



Bill Minter & Kendra McGuire