Public Pre - K 2020

We wanted to explain how enrollment for public pre - k works for those of you who will have students eligible next school year. Your child must be three by September 1st to qualify. You must register your child at your local elementary school this spring. On your paperwork you let them know where they attend pre - k. Once you have done that we take over the rest. The state gives you funding that covers 10 hours of care for 35 weeks. Next years r ate is $3,445.00 .We take those funds and divide it by 35 (covering the 35 weeks it's meant to cover) and give that to you in a weekly discount. That total is $98.43 per week for 35 weeks. We select 35 consecutive weeks and run it straight through, Typically mid October through Mid June. Before and after that time regular tuition is in effect. We do have to record your attendance the entire school year, the end of August through Mid - June, so you need to be enrolled and attend that whole time in order to get the full amount. If you enroll late or drop out early your rate will be prorated. You have to inform us of your absences, via sick or on vacation, as they do keep track of that. Missing too many school days could result in loosing those funds, which is why they track your child's attendance. You are able to miss time, we just need to inform them. More information on this will be out as time gets closer, we just like to have you all informed. Please let Nicole know if you have questions.