New Rates 2020-2021

Toddler One$65.00$310.00
Toddler Two$64.00$305.00
Preschool 3$62.00$295.00
Preschool 4$62.00$295.00
Half Day Program (excludes
infants) 8am-1pm
After School$26.00$120.00
Drop in Rate (After School)$28.00 
Vacation Camp$68.00 (includes activity fees) 
Half Day After School$50.00 
Over Nine Hours*$10.00$45.00
Over Contracted Hours*$12.00 per occurrence/per child 
Contract Change*$20.00 per change above allotted
contracted change times
Credit Card Processing*3% of the amount charged or
$5.00 minimum


A Two Day Minimum is required

The above pricing does not reflect Public Preschool funding available to all preschool students who are 3,4,or 5 years old (must be three by September 1, 2020). Public Preschool rates are in effect for 35 weeks, after that duration your tuition will reflect the regular listed rates for preschool. The public preschool funds total $3,445.00 off of your tuition for the school year of 2020-2021. These funds are applied as a tuition discount of $98.43 on your weekly statement. These funds are allocated for 10 hours of Preschool each week for 35 weeks. Apple Tree Learning Centers will apply your funds to your account weekly for 35 weeks. The start date of the funding will begin in mid-October and will run for 35 consecutive weeks. Families enrolled in Public Preschool for 2 half days only, will not be charged any tuition for 35 weeks, before and after that time regular tuition rates will be applied.

Other Fees and Assessments

*CC Processing Fee: 3% of the amount you are charging or $5.00 minimum.

*Over Contracted Hours: $12.00 (per time, per child) *This is a penalty charge * as it's a license/staffing issue. Dropping off early or picking up late without prior approval will result in an $12.00 fee. It is required that you ask Nicole or Sonja if you must occasionally go over your contracted hours. If prearranged through Nicole or Sonja only the over nine hour fee of $10.00 will be applied. Over use of this, without permission, could result in dismissal from our program. This fee includes half day students, half day is 8-1, and any hours requested outside of that time will result in a fee.

*Over Nine Hours: Your contract is for 9 hours, if you need to schedule extended hours you are able to pay the fee for over nine hours. This is a contracted fee and will be a weekly charge. This fee includes half day students, half day is 8-1, and any hours requested outside of that time will result in an added weekly fee.

*Contract Change Fee: Each family will receive one contract change per year at no cost (excluding the preschool change of contract requirements, subsidy changes or the times we process a contract change school wide). Any contract changes needed after that will result in a fee of $20.00 per request. This includes: change in hours as well as dropping or adding days onto your contract. This fee will be applied directly to your account. Dropping of days or leaving Apple Tree requires a 3 week notice.