We're Back!

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We’re Back!

So here we are, living the chapters of some dystopian novel written about a future that none of us had imagined.  When you view the news of the world around us - whether it is Covid-19 prevalence in other states, hurricanes in the south, social unrest in northern cities, or the forest fires in the west, you can’t help but feel thankful (and almost a little guilty) that we live in Vermont.  Incidences of the disease remain reassuringly low, most of our citizens continue safe practices, and most of us live close to inspirational outdoor recreation opportunities where we can get out and play and even socialize and stay safe.  We are very fortunate indeed.

As we look toward the future of School Age Care, and wonder how to remain vigilant against Covid 19 as the colder months approach, I must tell you that my number one defence against communicating the disease remains the same:  GET OUTSIDE.  The first two sentences that I wrote to introduce my Afterschool program so many years ago (which then became the first two sentences of our website description) are more accurate now than ever.  “After school children are ready to exit the classroom and get outside for some fresh air and activity. Children need to play - play a sport, play a game, or enjoy creative play in their own imagined world.”  And today, looking forward, I would add & repeat that those games and imagined worlds should be outside in the fresh air.  We must try our best to continue to stay out and active even as the seasons change and the weather stops cooperating.  Experiencing and exploring nature includes the weather.  The essential support for this safety precaution will be sturdy outdoor gear.  Solid outdoor coats and hats and mittens and snow pants and snow boots and stout backpacks packed with extra layers of fleece and extra socks and mittens will be essential.  In addition we will continue to maintain and upgrade our Covid protocols in all of our indoor spaces.



Our Full Day School Age Care (FDSAC) program has already begun to take field trips.  We plan to take a hike on Mondays and Tuesdays, and take a bike trip on Thursdays and Fridays.  Wednesdays will be our STEAM day (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) but we would like to have their bikes here on Wednesdays as well.
Our Afterschool Program is currently alternating between visiting Sunset Rock on some days (usually Mondays and Tuesdays) and climbing the hill to the big chair on other days (usually Thursdays and Fridays.)  We will begin offsite activities next week.  We will be offering Canoeing on Monday and Tuesday, and another activity (still TBD) on Thursday and Friday.  Registration should open this Thursday.

Register for Canoeing HERE



Full Day:  Please contact us if picking up before 4:00.  It is best to let us know in advance and text us just before your arrival.  From 4:00 - 5:00pm we should generally be ready for pick up from the back yard.
After School:   Please contact us if picking up before 5:00.  It is best to let us know in advance and text us just before your arrival.  After 5:00 check for us at the Gym door or on the fields above the playground.  Text us and we will come to you.



We have met with the SES principal and maintain good communication with the SES office, but WE WILL REPLY UPON YOU for updated information concerning changes to your child’s schedule.  We do not currently anticipate introducing a second online registration process, and we hope to be able to simply modify your child’s Full Day and Afterschool schedule to accommodate changes mandated by the SES schedule.  These will not incur change fees or cancellation policy.  (Other changes that result from family schedules or other activities will be subject to our normal policies.)



Check our website for:
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Updates to the big chair photo series.


We are having tons of fun with your kids after school and during their full days.  So far distance learning has been minimal and is working well.  Please remember that your daily school work "to do" lists provide the academic directions we try to follow.  We welcome and value your feedback.  Contact us any time.

Bill and Kendra