Apple Tree 2019-2020 Year at a Glance

August 12 & 14-Step up days 9-
12:30/Parent Orientation Nights 6-7pm
August 19-23 closed- for Summer Break
August 26-- First Day of School
Students start in new programsNew Rates begin
August 30-Vacation Camp Day (no public school)

February 7-Vacation Camp Day (public school closed)
February 14- Valentines Party 3:30
February 24-28-Vacation Camp (public school closed)

September 2-Closed for Labor Day
September 27-Apple Social 3:30

March 2 & 3-Vacation camp (public school closed)
March 19-Half Day program for After school (public school closes
March 20-Vacation Camp (public school closed)
March 23-Vacation Camp day (public school closed)

October 9-Vacation Camp Day (no public school)
October 14-Public Pre-K discount begins
October 19-Regular School
Closed-Professional Development day
October 18-Vacation Camp Day (No public School)
October 31- Halloween-Ghost Walk

April 3-Half day program for After School (public school closes early)
April 13- Closed - Staff professional development day-After school vacation camp open.
April 13-17-Vacation Camp (Public school closed)
April 23-School Wide Pot Luck

November 1-Half Day program After School only (public school
closes early)
November 11-Vacation Camp Day (public school closed)
November 27-Vacation Camp Day (public school closed)
November 26- Thanksgiving Feast 3:30
November 28-29 Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

May 25-Closed for Memorial Day

December 6-Half Day Program for After School(Public school
closes early)
December 20- Winter Solstice Party 3:30
December 23-Vacation Camp Day (public school closed)
December 24-26-Closed for Christmas break
December 27, 30 & 31-Vacation Camp day (public school closed)

June 5- Noon Closing-Parent Teacher Conferences
June 12--Preschool Graduation Public school discount ends(potential last day of public
school) Vacation Camp Day (public school closed if still in session)
June 15-Regular rates in effect Summer Camp Program Begins
June 18-Five day Contingency for end of school year

January 1-Closed for New Years Day
January 14-Parent Teacher Conferences 4:15-8pm
January 20-Vacation Camp Day (public school closed)

July 3-Closed for Independence Day